In 2015 I joined three friends in Monterey, CA and participated in the Monterey Bay Underwater Shootout which is held every August. As a bit of a newcomer to underwater photography I didn’t have many expectations other than to have a really good time with my friends jumping in the ocean with our cameras.

Something strange happened along the way.  I placed first.  Five out of six images of my images were rewarded and that gave me enough points to finish in the top spot.

I had no idea that was about to happen so while looking over the prizes I noted a dive light that I thought would be nice but figured I’d be in line for an underwater pencil set.  After the results were posted and my name was on top I turned to my friends in total shock and asked, “what do I want?” (we got to choose our prize).  They all looked at me at the same time and said “You want the Papua New Guinea trip”.  To which I responded, “Where’s that?!?”.

The imagery that earned me that trip was all sea lions.  I really wasn’t very good with underwater strobes and was getting good results in ambient light at the surface clowning around with or getting chased by the Sea Lions.

My offering here is prints of my five images from Monterey that placed.  In the interest of getting a bigger project off the ground I will donate 100% of the net proceeds from this image set to The Monterey Bay Aquarium. (pricing and sizes yet to be determined)

Full results of the Shootout can be viewed here: http://www.montereyshootout.com/event-results/2015.php


Four images will be printed at 8×12 inches

One image will be printed at 16×24 inches.

If you’d like them all the size we can arrange that. This is a custom order so nothing is set in stone.  The way I envision these images being presented is together on the same wall space with the large print in the middle and the small images to each side of the larger one.

Mounting Options

There are three options for mounting.

A basic float mount

An Easel Mount

Wood Flush Mount

Cost Disclosure

The Easel and float mount cost of printing and shipping is $225. The Flush Mount cost of printing and shipping is $275. That means the Monterey Bay Aquarium will receive a donation of $225 from any of these options.